The RSJ Blog

Welcome to the ‘RSJ’ blog.

My name is Roger Joyner and I am a building designer based near Perth, Western Australia. I have recently evolved from a ‘Solar Passive Designer’ into a certified ‘Passivhaus Consultant’.

I believe that thermal comfort in our homes is most easily achieved & managed with the least energy use when the interior is well insulated from the fluctuations of the external climate.

I am convinced that ’smart’ and efficient lightweight materials and systems have a clear advantage over traditional heavy weight systems and that embracing new technology in favour of ‘biblical’ solutions will prove more sustainable.

In the words of ‘Did You Know’:

‘We live in Exponential Times’ where better, more efficient solutions materialise daily. We must be prepared to trial and test these new systems and to discard old systems that lock us into a cycle of waste & inefficiency.

“Passivhaus” is a concept of interior comfort for least energy input based on science rather than the guidelines & rules of thumb of ‘Solar Passive Design’.

This website will be used for the dissemination of news, opinion and project updates and should be viewed in conjunction with my other websites (see sidebar)